Edward M. Shanahan

For the great people of Orchard Park. I would first like to thank you for answering the doors, welcoming me into your homes and lives during this process, and smiling when I told you the reason I was at your door. I am applying for the job position of Orchard Park Town Supervisor.

I was asked by many residents Why would I want to take on a position like this?

My answer was Why not. I live in Orchard Park with my wife, Lindsey.   We love our neighbors and community. I was raised on the belief that if I was able to help someone or do something good that I should without hesitation. I believe with my business background and passion for the job of supervisor, I could help create a better relationship with our residents and the “government.” In doing this I strive to create a more vibrant community atmosphere in Orchard Park. I have a direct approach and methodical process in combating issues to achieve success in my chosen profession. I will carry these same values into the governmental arena.   This is the first opportunity for me as a resident to apply for this position. I am motivated to continue to achieve, grow and challenge myself as a professional in the supervisor position. I have been advised there are many other ways to help out our community, which I do wholesomely believe. However, in my personal and professional life experience, I have found that most issues and systems in place can be changed more reasonably from the top down. With that being said, I have no objections to hard work or persistence. This is how I created my livelihood. As your town supervisor be assured I will not be content with mediocre performance from any position in our community.

Here are a few “positions” that reflect “Why” I’m asking for your vote.


It is my belief that I am applying for a position within the Town of Orchard Park. It is part of my job application to create an environment where you can get to know me, communicate with me, and trust me in my decisions. With that being said, please contribute by sending me messages in regards to what you would like to see addressed within our town. It would be great to know where our governmental strengths are, and our areas of improvements. I need to hear your thoughts in order to make them a reality in our community. Let’s hear your concerns, compliments, and complaints. How do I intend to do this? Social media is the outlet that many of our residents access. I will have Orchard Park governmental pages active in all aspects and outlets. I will come out and check on different neighborhoods throughout my tenure to assure that people recognize who I am, and can speak to me directly in case they do not use any social media. It is important that all residents have a voice.

Community Outreach:

I want to welcome and invite residents to attend board meetings, and have our forums operate more personally and efficiently. I want to encourage the residents to ask their general questions or state their objections. As a resident I find it disheartening when we have a board of representatives present at these meetings, and many items go unanswered and remain unaddressed. As adults we choose to be present and active participants, and we tend to lend more input to situations where we are communicated with and are respected as equals. As your town supervisor, I will be answering to you.


When elected I will continue to learn and grow every day in my position as your supervisor, so that I can teach others the best practices of their positions and how to represent our town’s vision. I will continually look for ways to create more production with less work. There is nothing wrong with hard work, unless it is frivolous. I will do my best to enhance each system within our government, representing you, and apply our thoughts as a community on how to improve them.

I am not a politician. I am an Orchard Park resident looking to take my skillset and help the community. I am and always will be a proud American. I live by the Pledge of Allegiance. As you may know I live on Fox Chapel, I fly the American flag proudly everyday as I believe every American should. I also fly the “blue line” flag in support of our everyday heroes who help uphold our constitutional rights. I do this because of who I am and how I was raised.   I am an American and I’m a Quaker.

So I ask you WHY NOT ?